If you would like to attend a free trial lesson at Fathoming Physics, please send me an email (tammy@fathomingphysics.nsw.edu.au) or give me a call or text (04 7364 5857) to discuss your needs, check there is room in the class you are interested in and to make sure I know to expect you!

Please kindly fill out the enrolment form below before you attend your first lesson.

Why all this information if I’m just coming to a trial lesson? In the worst case scenario, if there is a medical (or other) emergency during class, I need to be able to contact your parents, even if you are only attending a trial lesson. If you decide to continue, you have already filled out all the necessary details. Your privacy is very important and your personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of Fathoming Physics.

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Fathoming Physics

HSC physics and Physics Olympiad tutoring with Dr. Tammy Humphrey, a PhD qualified physics teacher with a decade of experience teaching gifted students. Classes include all practical work as well as all theoretical work required by the new HSC physics syllabus.

94B Baker St, Carlingford NSW 2118