Year 12 Physics Tutoring

Please read the overview page for a description of the structure of Fathoming Physics classes.

Year 12 2020

New classes for students completing HSC physics in 2020 will begin in the October holidays with a two day intensive to cover the first HSC module (Advanced Mechanics). Days to be confirmed in mid-term 3.

Times and dates for term classes will be confirmed in mid-term 3, but it is anticipated that classes will run on Saturday mornings (10:30-12:30pm), Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings.

Fathoming Physics year 12 course details for 2019/2020

October holidays 2019

Module 5 “Advanced Mechanics”

Module 5 covers projectile motion, circular motion as well as Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Newton’s law of Universal Gravitation and conservation of mechanical energy for objects moving under the force of gravity.

Run over two days. Dates to be confirmed in mid-term 3.

Term 4 2019

Module 6 “Electromagnetism”

Module 6 covers the motion of charges in electric and magnetic fields, the motor effect, electromagnetic induction and applications of the motor effect.

Term 1 2020

Module 7 “The nature of Light”

Module 7 covers electromagnetic radiation, the wave and quantum models of light, and special relativity.

Term 2 2020

Module 8 “From the Universe to the atom”

Module 8 covers the big bang and stellar evolution, the structure of the atom, nuclear physics and the standard model.

We will also spend a significant amount of class time revising for trial exams.

Term 3 2020

Revision for trials and the HSC

We will continue preparation for trials.

After student complete their trials we will begin our revision for the HSC.

Fathoming Physics

HSC physics and Physics Olympiad tutoring with Dr. Tammy Humphrey, a PhD qualified physics teacher with a decade of experience teaching gifted students. Classes include all practical work as well as all theoretical work required by the new HSC physics syllabus.

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