Physics Olympiad Preparation

A prism spectrometer at Fathoming Physics

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Physics Olympiad

If you love physics (and maths!), then the physics olympiad competition is for you. Come and join a class of like-minded students at Fathoming Physics and have fun learning physics! 

There are a number of stages to the competition (see the official website for more details: An exam in August selects students from across Australia to participate in a training camp in the Christmas holidays. Exams at this camp then select a team to represent Australia in the Asian Physics Olympiad, at which further selection occurs for the International Physics Olympiad.

New classes for physics olympiad preparation begin at the start of term 4. Students cover the same physics as in the year 11 course, with some additional extension components. From past experience, year 8 students (about to enter year 9) or year 9 students (about to enter year 10) who have obtained high distinctions in science competitions such as ICAS and Big Science, have excellent algebra skills (and are keen to learn physics!) are at the right point to begin.

Daniel, who represented Australia at the Asian Physics Olympiad in 2016.
Measuring the speed of sound using Lissajous figures on an oscilloscope.

Once students have completed the equivalent of year 11 physics, I offer an advanced physics olympiad class which covers all the physics (both theory and practical) that is tested at the end of year selection camp, and which decides which students represent Australia. This class is designed to be fun and challenging in equal measure – there is lots of hands-on experimental work and it is also highly mathematical, so we cover calculus and differential equations as part of the course.

While a number of selective schools offer preparation classes for the August selection exam, Fathoming Physics offers tuition at the level required at the end of year selection camp and the International Physics Olympiad. So far, all of my past students who have obtained a place at the end of year selection camp have gone on to be selected for the Australian team at the Asian or International Physics olympiad. In particular, the emphasis on practical work at Fathoming Physics prepares students very well for the Physics Olympiad where there is equal weight given to theory and experimental work.

Fathoming Physics

HSC physics and Physics Olympiad tutoring with Dr. Tammy Humphrey, a PhD qualified physics teacher. Classes include all practical work as well as all theoretical work required by the new HSC physics syllabus.

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