Physics Teaching resources

Dr Tammy Humphrey

Tammy is a PhD qualified physics teacher with more than 15 years experience teaching HSC physics and Physics Olympiad preparation classes for gifted students. Tammy is co-director of the Australian Junior Science Olympiad program and a sessional lecturer at the Australian Catholic University where she teaches physics pedagogy to preservice physics teachers. Prior to these roles she taught HSC physics at a local selective high school. She has presented workshops for HSC physics teachers at STANSW stage 6 conferences (in 2023 and 2021), co-written a number of the NSW DOE module guides for physics and has written module 6 resources for the HSC hub for physics


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HSC physics and Physics Olympiad tutoring with Dr. Tammy Humphrey, a PhD qualified physics teacher with 15 years experience teaching gifted students. Classes include all practical work as well as all theoretical work required by the HSC physics syllabus.